Thursday, October 22

strangest meal ever

mashed celery root with mushrooms and spinach

Mr. Celery Root from the farmer's market was sitting in my fridge looking sadder and sadder by the day, so I finally decided it was time to cook him.

Because I've been up to my eyeballs in food costing and the principles of heat transfer, though, I really had very little in my fridge BESIDES Mr. Celery Root. So all the tasty-sounding recipes I found for celery root soup and celeriac and carrot salad were kind of moot. Mashed celery root it was. I peeled it, boiled it, and mashed it up with a little salt, butter and a smidge of half and half (no milk in the fridge). The results were a little disappointing-- chunky and kind of watery, not starchy and creamy --but then I whipped out my immersion blender and success! It reminded me very much of mashed cauliflower or parsnips, with a light celery flavor. PS I highly recommend buying an immersion blender (they're not that expensive!) if you're at all into mushy/creamy food. PUREEING THINGS IS FUN AND DELICIOUS.

There were a few little baby bellas in there, so I sauteed them in a little butter and salt and threw them on top. Not half bad for a baking and pastry major, although I admit I probably wouldn't have fed this to anyone but myself.