Wednesday, March 3

plated desserts

Plated desserts are tricky. Done well, they can be really elegant:

blackbird dessert

Done badly, they can look like the art deco movement pooped all over your plate. Or like Freud took a shift in the kitchen:

I'll admit that at the start of this class I kind of thought I'd be an instant genius at this shit. I mean, I went to art school! I eat out and make snobby comments about the food all the time! I can make up smart-sounding crap about balance and harmony IN MY SLEEP!

Turns out, like most things, it's a lot harder than it looks. Funny how that works.

Anyway, our final was today and we had to come up with four platings for some surprise ingredients, iron-chef style. We ended up getting pear, dark chocolate, mascarpone, and phyllo.

I made chocolate ice cream, caramelized pears, a mascarpone cream with creme fraiche, and did as little as possible with the phyllo because I hate working with it. Here is the evidence...I wish I'd gotten better shots but Chef was waiting and my ice cream was melting.

plated desserts final plate 1

plate 2

plate 3

plate 4

Chef's favorite was the one I thought was the goofiest. I guess I'll never be a plated dessert genius. Crepe stand here I come.


Nicole Lang said...

Okay, I know this will be unpopular. but I just need to say it. I don't like plated desserts. At all. I don't like looking at them. I like my dessert to be familiar and comforting but, that is just me. I know it does take skill and flair and all that but well, your post said it better than I am ....

Laura said...

I know what you mean! Most of the time they just look stupid. I feel like it's rare to get one where all the components actually taste AND look nice, like the ones I got from Blackbird. You should have seen some of the horrors in my book...

Laura said...

PS that weird half-pear one was the one my chef really liked. I just wanna rip that piece of phyllo off the top

Amy B. said...

WOW. Your work is just amazing! good job :)