Saturday, November 7

apricot cobbler
Apricot cobbler

Ohhh man, I know it's been a while since I've posted. Life here has been going at breakneck speed, and the amount of information on ingredient functions, costing, sustainability and sanitation that has been funneled into my brain in the past two weeks was almost enough to kill me dead. Almost.

Instead I'm coming down with a nice cold (I refuse to even entertain the possibility that it's the flu). But! Being on my deathbed (have I ever told you I'm a whiny sick person?) gives me a good excuse to lie around and catch up on my internets.

So after "pastry theory" comes "intro to baking," and I get to be back in the kitchen once again. So far we've made biscuits, scones, muffiny muffins, cakey muffins, and then on Friday these:

Rhubarb cherry crisps

Yaaaay rustic fruit desserts! I love fruit crisps, cobblers, whatevers...they are some of the most delicious things on the earth and yet all you have to do is slop some overripe fruit in a pie tin and add some stuff on top. Basically.

If you want more direction than that, I've posted the recipe for those little rhubarb and cherry guys up there on Dessert of the Month Club. DELISH.

blackberry banana bread
Blackberry banana bread. I gave a CTA lady one of these because I didn't know what else to do with it. I am now the Santa Claus of quickbreads