Sunday, October 11

cookie day

peanut butter cookies

Friday was "cookie day," our first real chance at actual baking (unless you count meringues). After a lecture on the purposes of various ingredients in a basic recipe like chocolate chip cookies, we were sent into the kitchen to make four batches: one normal chocolate chip cookie recipe, one normal peanut butter cookie recipe, and two jacked up batches with one ingredient substitution each.

And then we tasted them. All of them. I don't care how much you love cookies, that shit was a test of spirit. You haven't lived until you've eaten so many bites of cookie in one sitting that you are actually high. I ate cookies made with bread flour, cake flour, hi-gluten flour, whole wheat flour; cookies with baking powder instead of baking soda; cookies with all brown sugar, with corn syrup added, with confectioner's sugar, with molasses; cookies with all shortening vs. all butter, all egg yolks... Holy God.

cookie day experiments


Jade said...

Thats a lot of cookies!!! Which one was your favorite or do they all start to taste the same after so many?

Laura said...

Probably the non-messed-with ones, although the differences were mostly either pretty subtle or just textural. Although after that many cookies I was pretty much too dizzy to taste anything.

pallar said...

Do you ever throw up from eating so many cookies? I would.